Mastergold350Mastergold transforms working with traditional bituminous membranes, speeding up installation time without compromising long-term performance. Fully compatible Mastergold vapour control and underlays can be tailored to suit project requirements. 

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BIIGNEWESTBIIG® membranes are developed to compete on the highest level when it comes to waterproofing. The technology of the double reinforced membranes, with a technical know-how dating back to 1964, has great advantages compared to traditional mono reinforced membranes.

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rapidlogoRapid  is a uniquely formulated, dual-compound APP polymer modified torch-on membrane for use in renovation projects. When torched the special compound on the underside of the membrane melts and flows to form  an exceptional bond with the existing mineral surfaced membrane.

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Recent Projects

  • Meadowhall Shopping Centre

    Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, U.K.

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  • lorries

    M1 Moto Trowell footbridge, U.K.

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  • StMicheals

    St Michael’s School,Peterborough, U.K.

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  • whitstone3

    Whitstone Academy, Shepton Mallet, U.K.

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  • wymondham-mastergold1

    Wymondham College, Norfolk, U.K.

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  • 032292300 1424766818

    POST 120 Car Park Deck at Dordrecht Netherlands

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    On March 12 and June 18, 2015 the first BIIG ROOFERS meetings were held at Wecal Isolatie Techniek bv in the Netherlands. In collaboration with IIGO Srl the various aspects of BIIG 446 membranes were discussed.  Altogether, the two successful meetings have become the basis for a further expansion of the brand BIIG® with a motivated group of ROOFERS in the Netherlands.



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