Mastergold Flat Roof Membranes


mastergold 470k14


Product Line

Mastergold Mineral Membrane

Mastergold Anti-Root Membrane 

Mastergold Mono Membrane

Mastergold Underlay

Mastergold Self Adhesive Underlay

Mastergold Self-Adhesive Vapour Barrier Plus

Mastergold Thermo-Adhesive Underlay

Mastergold Thermo-Adhesive Vapour Barrier

Mastergold Self-Adhesive Vapour Barrier Plus

Mastergold Self-Adhesive Cap Sheet

IIGO TACK Bitumen Primer





Mastergold is suitable for built-up roof applications within warm or inverted roofs and can also be used for waterproofing green roofs, via the mastergold anti-root membrane.

A two-layer overlay system for refurbishment applications is available.

Mastergold offers high tensile strength and pliability and excellent resistance to puncture and UV degradation.

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004..

The Mastergold membrane is available with a black mineral finish.

Mastergold is a torch applied membrane; Mastergold vapour control and underlays are installed via a choice of methods including torch-on, thermo-adhesive and self-adhesive.

Only minimal routine maintenance is required





Mastergold transforms working with traditional bituminous membranes, speeding up installation time without compromising long-term performance. Fully compatible Mastergold vapour control and underlays can be tailored to suit project requirements. 




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