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BIIG® is a roofing membrane based on a – polyolefine - modified bitumen of the highest quality. BIIG® is double reinforced with both glass - and polyesterfelt.  This combination of raw materials guarantees a high-softening point with an excellent cold bending temperature and thus enhances the product to perform in all climates. The two reinforcements are placed in the upper surface of the membrane. The characteristic lines of the glassfelt are clearly visible. This gives BIIG® an excellent – and proven – resistance against aging, offers a maximum of dimensional stability and puncture resistance. On top of that, the upper positioned glassfelt protects BIIG® against the spread of fire, corresponding to the highest category available on the market.


The special variant BIIG® NoFlame system  has been designed in such a way, that it can be carried out completely without fire. All the details (edges, bleeding, etc.) must be performed with the specially developed BIIG® self-adhesive membrane. BIIG® SA has a very high adhesive cover layer. In combination with the special IIGO Fix ZK primer the  job attaches directly to most common substrates, even at lower temperatures.

BIIG® Regular 3mm can be successfully applied in a variety of
applications in both new construction and refurbishment:
-        Loosely Laid / ballasted
-        Partially bonded / adhered *
-        Fully bonded / adhered *
-        Mechanically attached
* Using the specially developed IIGO BIIG® TACK bituminous cold adhesive.
An expected lifespan in excess of 30 years.

Extreme aging resistance: the inorganic glassfelt placed on the top of the membrane acts as an armor against UV rays.

Complete dimensional stability: the unique properties of the composite stabilized glass/polyester reinforcement ensure that shrinkage is negated.
High damage resistance: also because double reinforcement is  a membrane that has extra protection during processing, entrance  of the roof and under extreme weather conditions such as hail.
Competitively priced in relation to the high performance qualities.

Excellent fire resistance.

10 Years comprehensive insurance-backed guarantee (material plus labour) available through Allianz.

Virtually maintenance free with only a simple annual inspection/normal roofing practice guidelines required.

Product  Certification

BIIG® has a proven track record in various countries throughout Northern Europe and has therefore achieved several approvals including KOMO / KIWA & BSB Environmental Certification (The  Netherlands), BBA (United Kingdom), MFPA (Germany), ETA (Denmark), SP/SITAC (Sweden).

Suitable for new build and refurbishment
Applicable to most standard substrates and insulation types and can  also be used on inverted roofs
Applicable as one or two-layer systems







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