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IIGO S.r.l. was established in Italy in 1999 with the aim of manufacturing “double-reinforced” bituminous roofing membranes under the brand name BIIG®, and to provide quality products with innovative roofing solutions.


Along with our partners, now with a combined total of in excess of 35 years of experience in the manufacturing process, the Company has successfully grown market share with the proven BIIG®, Mastergold and Rapid brands which are highly regarded throughout Europe.


IIGO’s administrative base is in Terni, with products manufactured on three state of the art high-tech production lines in a modern factory near Verona, which is operated and maintained by a highly skilled workforce. The Company meets all internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. IIGO’s products are certified by locally recognized third party accreditation institutions such as, SGS, KIWA, BBA, SINTEF, ETA, MFPA, SP/SITAC and VTT.


Research and development is at the core of IIGO’s philosophy. To that end all new and existing products are subject to rigorous tests by laboratory technicians within the confines of the factory. This includes the following:


§ Spread of flame and penetration of flame fire testing

§ Tensile strength testing

§ T-peel strength testing

§ Compound testing

§ Cold bending testing

§ High temperature flexibility testing

§ Mineral adhesion testing

§ Wind uplift testing is undertaken off site when required



A fully dedicated training and product demonstration area is also provided on site. Distributors, clients and roofing contractors are encouraged to visit this facility (upon appointment) to learn more about IIGO products and/or receive training in the application methods of particular products/systems.


With the Company already being recognized as operating in full compliance with the environmental and ecological standards set out in ISO 14001, a recycling facility within the plant ensures any wastage can be fully recycled and put back into the production process.

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