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BIIG® is available in three thicknesses, 3 mm, 4mm and 5mm, whether in  HP versions (HP: High Performance) and  / or AR versions (AR: Anti Root).

The HP version comprises an extra strong polyester fleece in addition to the aforementioned characteristics.

BIIG® HP is therefore ideally suited for use in parking decks, tunnels, bridges and underground car parks.

BIIG® AR has anti-root chemicals added to the bitumen blend to make it resistant to roots enabling the product to be used in green roof applications. 

BIIG® No Flame is a variant of BIIG Regular® and has been designed so that the system can be applied using cold adhesives or mechanical fixings thus negating the risk associated with naked flames.



Absolute dimensional stability:

The 2R reinforcement technology and design means that BIIG® will resist deformation for its entire lifetime.

Resistance to ageing: 

The inorganic fibreglass reinforcement on the surface acts as a shield against UV rays. The organic material of the membrane compound itself is thus protected and does not degrade.

Puncture resistance:

Bcause of its double reinforcement, BIIG® has high resistance during application, high resistance to pedestrian traffic and is not damaged by hail.

Fire resistance:

The presence of the fibreglass on the surface represents a valid obstacle to the spreading of fire.

Reduced maintenance:

BIIG® is normally left without further protection and necessitates only a simple annual inspection to make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris or vegetable matter.







BIIG® membranes are developed to compete on the highest level when it comes to waterproofing. The technology of the double reinforced membranes, with a technical know-how dating back to 1964, has great advantages compared to traditional mono reinforced membranes.



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